Snowdrops – Eirlys

Full of the promise of warmer days they took my gaze,

tiny green shoots with whitened tips in the frosted grass,

opening their white lily bells with green tipped trumpets,

my love for them grew as the night hours’ lightening hue.


Covering the winter cold earth they drift over brown earth,

and shine like city lights scattered through dark streets.

Each bell chiming its silent call to other tiny seeds to sprout

and cover the fields in graceful charm, putting winter to rout.


Now I look, tear misted eyes at those upside down fairy cups,

as begins a touch of brown stains – too short their time for me,

starting the slow decay amidst those twinkling bright lights,

and grief catches the throat but my loss keenly fights –

with the joy of knowing that deeply hidden, ‘neath the ground,

small globes are being shaped, soon to begin their long sleep,

til next year’s frost stirs them, bringing new hope as once again

they glimmer against the dusk of a grey, winter, weary world..

Hope in the Darkness

Darkness invites the weary,

and brightens their time,

with candles and fires, 

with glimpses of moons,

and sparkling stars. And 

through the darkening

sky peeps  the pallid sun, 

its silent strength grown 

weaker; and wearily now it

warmly shines in the myriad

eyes of the parcelled populace, 

squinting and smiling, to

see and feel the hope of 

wistful winter, lit by a

baby born at a time of 

plagues, fear and poverty.

Then, she will garnish the 

land with seed fresh shoots, 

snowdrops, and daffodils,

to hearten the weary, wintry

traveller with treasures