The brutal bombs pounded the city,

shrapnel flew and pierced each

animal, plant, person and planted 

in each the determined hatred

of the violence of warring sides.


The doom laden bang lit the sky,

fear filled canisters exploding,

threaten lives, homes and hearths

of thousands of throbbing hearts.


The sirens screamed their warning.

People woke in their thousands,

hid in shelters, tube stations and

under the stairs til all clear resounded.


The bomb is now a virus which rains

down its deadly cells. Each invisible

speck spots a human and hosts them,

chokes them, batters their brains, and


liver, kidneys, lungs and pains appear

in every place the bones are placed.

Thousands are killed and thousands 

more until the morgues are bursting.


A place to hide they shout from Oxford,

We have found a shelter for each of you,

A serum, no more, that will help you

face off Covid19 until it is dead, dead, dead.


Lies are as bad as Covid as they take 

lives from the innocent and destroy

mums and dads and lovely kids, while

the vaccine only seals C19’s fate.

Help! Look what’s happened!

O phial from astra Zeneca we adore you,

the first drops made in Europe 


by ports and threats and paperwork.

Millions more expected, so they say

as they sit around a table and nod

their heads with Eton wisdom, while

thousands and thousands and more

sicken daily, and a thousand and more

die from a disease limited as much

as the Canute faced, ocean tide.


We play hide and seek with a 

ranging minotaur while some 

take their lead from a leader who 

behaves as if life is all a prank, so

they party and prance around as if

they are the only ones who matter.

Self-centred, egotistically bound

they carpet their parties with the

dead, the sick and the grieving. But

no one sees or notices the old lady

dying from a virus in her own room.


And watching the 

Icarus antics in the cabinet room,

they swerve away from common 

sense, and dutifully fulfil the will 

of those

taking the excuse to erode the hard

won rights of women, children and

increase the burden on the struggling,

and see their own untaxed moneys 

grow into mountains the sick carry.