Earth 2 or 3?

The gleaming metal shone in the sun as it plummeted towards the planet’s verdant surface,

splashing into the bluest of blue seas, it bobbed quietly, rising and falling with the waves.

A gap appears near the top and emerging from the darkness into the light came figures,

each stood shaking on wobbly legs fell into a flimsy inflatable dinghy thrust into the water.


The motor throbbed into life and seeking land flew through the soaking water easily until,

riding up a golden beach the engine silenced the humans within sat enchanted, entranced 

by the myriad birds, their songs and the babble of animals calling from the nearby jungle.

Faces hidden behind helmets. Mouths wide in shock. It’s the wrong place, they whispered.


None of them expected the lush, luxuriant growth, only a desert and a plastic filled sea,

for long ago some came and found the inhospitable climate, deserts and poisoned air.

Turning the faces to the green or the blue their eyes lit up with the abundance of food

for furry creatures as well as birds and at last they breathed in the pure, fresh air.


One of them started to send the message that the earth was pristine, a place for people,

then stopped and propping his device his knee, pondered, paused and then panicked.

Humans will again be bringing their pollution and practices and plunder the resources 

til plastic mounts, privilege outweighs sense and the populace dies from overheating.


A woman, thoughtful and brilliant in her comprehension of the peril for this paradise.

reached down and picking up the receiver, smashed it with a rock, took her own tech

and solemnly, slowly the others saw her point and looking hard at the joyous bounty

nodded,  joined her and then they walked into the depths of the jungle and courageously

let nature 




Space to think.

I looked up to see a myriad moments of pulsing stars, my

icy breath the soul cloud between us, and my fingers reach

out to touch and feeling only cold, my heart sinks; for I

was alone, an abyss between me and the borrowed lights.

And the darkness grows around me as I lie on a blue-green 

world. I wait and watch and there, it flashed across the sky 

and, in that moment I saw that they too died. And in dying, 

gave light to the night for the few that noticed that shining

plunging of a meteor lost in space, ripped from its security

to be pulled into our gravity. I gazed as the tiny sparkling

suns silently and slowly moved across the night sky. And

I wondered was someone far out there looking back at us, 

telling the story of a night under the panoply of the heavens,

where the icy air imbued strength to the imaginings of a 

connection between worlds, millions of light years apart, 

and a far off sentient being watching and wondering about