My Country’s Shame

The shame falls on me like showers of hail,

it drums on my burdened head. And I want

it to help me shed my skin and bury me but-

Would I be a whitened sepulchre? Faceless

with my nation’s baseless and graceless way

of torturing small children by turning them

back, rejecting their cries because we are

unwilling to open our arms and welcome

their haunted hurts and necessary needs.


Still, she sits on her petty, priti throne

dishing out her orders that embarrass us,

to keep her figures tidy,  while in Europe

the sprawling camps of hungry evacuees

are greeted, warmed, fed by Europeans

not us. The guilt she should be feeling is

pushed into piles of likewise, party papers,

`and the British standard pretends to change 

but the shameful truth will ever distress me.

Street Children

Shivering they silently stood outside,

ever and always outside of all that

is.   They waited until a voice kindled

the terror they remembered, and fowl

money passed hands dirtying the

innocence of a four year old child.


The others encouraged them to 

go in and accept that to survive

is to strive and yield any hope of

childhood. For life on the streets

can only be held together if they

share tortured pain, terror and

depraved adults paying pesetas 

to take evilly designed pleasure.


The child struggles to walk, their

frozen face stained with tears

and eyes that have died rather

than see and a mind tightly shut

to recall of the violence that they

endured for a meal.  While close


by others sit round tables and eat

throwing spare food to the dogs,

not to kids that kindle evil outside,

sniffing glue and plying prostitution,

poisoning their streets and don’t

they richly deserve all they get?


Another place has opened and

there they offer a home for those

who want to come off the streets.

a sanctuary, wholesome and safe.

to save a child they struggle against 




police but yet stay

to help children learn to be safe and

enjoy that wonderful gift of childhood.

Thank you to ToyBox.