Exterminating Fires.

One moment in time a human

celebrated curling smoke rising

through their homes, and flickering

flames shone, softening their fear of

growing darkness and the waiting wilful wilderness.


Then like Saruman, they learnt

to use it to enslave, and invent

monstrous machines, turning

buried treasures to killing gases,

polluting their joy, stealing, injuring innate innocence.


The fires now burn earth’s lungs,

animals lunge for safety, terrified

people flee, flames leaping

from vast fires, which fill the over

heated atmosphere with gas,

creating a string of dreadful, deadly disasters.


Gifted to us by a gracious hand,

a blue planet, oceans for a heart,

forests to be breathe for creation,

and ice caps sparkling as eyes

and the call of children a clear call of conscience.


But, now the heart is diseased,

the lungs collapsing with cancer,

the melted poles reveal a terrible

lack of sight, amidst the call of 

little ones, silenced by the grip of grim greed.