Empty plates

Once upon a time we jingled the coins in a pocket,

a loss of magnitude that cannot simply be realised,

half crowns and shillings, sixpence and pence. So

rich we felt with half a crown and even a sixpence

to buy sweets at the shop on the corner of our busy,

children in the road playing, gossiping, caring street.


One lost their job, and the neighbours gave of their

just coping, and felt the pain of the hungry and sad.

Now its a card in the wallet, the dour street divided

and the out of work numbers rising so that no cash

on hand to help another, not a spare meter token,

and find friends at the frantic, empty food banks.


He stared at the mighty banquets of the opulent 

as Oliver watched them as he ate his grim gruel.

So we seek change by becoming audacious agents  

of a new way to see and be in our land, where self-

centred politicians have wired us to be self-seeking

and survival of the wealthiest is their awful aim. 


Jesus spoke into this direst of situations with sense,

give banquets for the poor, the crippled and the lame,

not the groaning tables of the grand and thriving rich,

but he calls us again see the erosion of the way of

daily lives, community and making life impossible

by the sly, Conservative party’s destructive ruling.