Super Wealth and Destructive Politics.

Curling leaves and cruel heat scorching the thirsty fruit,

smoke covered faces and sweat soaked uniforms,

telling the cost of carbon fuels.

Fires rage and ground cracks as the power of the few

imagines that they control the climate for the  wealthy

who vainly want their profits.


Children with their empty tummies rumbling and their

grumbling parents, who face starvation and the rich 

 – charge the poor for their banquets.


Justice and mercy do not meet in our democracy now

for the few they have what they want and destroy lives;

but God will not be mocked.


Silently, the power of the few has broken ranks and

slowly they will drift apart until their raft will sink

and will we throw them a life belt?


History happened ,but will it come again?? that power

has been taken and nature enslaved to the ranks 

and bank of the oppressors.

Climate change brings a levelling up and a crisis

that we cannot imagine. And, like ants in water to

survive the whole must strive.


They blink their eyes and shout on the biassed 

broadcast but the earth fills with the rising seas

and mountains become hills.

Some think three homes and billions of pounds

will keep them afloat but the naked truth does

not lie – we are destroying the gift


of a planet, blue and green with polar caps

all for the sake of carbon fuels and motor

on as creation and people die.

May God help us!

We will remember Them!

Gaffe, gaffe, gaffe,

I will make you pay by whats my way,

I’ll lie and turn my back and grin wide. 

I’ve trained the rest to follow my guide

So what will follow will always be so,

and years it’ll take before you’ll know –

How much you let me run amok, see

cos no one’ll trust Europe or Labour


I set the dye and all my lies link as ties

to media moguls, 

hungry Russian 

oligarchs are sewn 

into the fabric, grown

roots by my drive. 

Like Hendy’s frogs

you’re boiling alive!


Too bad you think you’ve wickedly wormed

into the minds of folks with your jibes ‘n jokes,

cos, we spotted your serial betrayal

and not bought the brazen buffoonery. 

The trail of tears, some 3,500 died.


Your trail of tears gave succour to the rich

and brings death from Covid, cold and the hungry poor.





It is Rare

It is rare that we hear the truth from leaning liars,

and we find ourselves assigned apologies that are

spun and woven as spider’s webs to placate and push

away critics and the fearful future of resignations.

It is rare that we hear of poverty on the agenda

of the wealth driven economies of the wide world, 

and so they wallow, wreathed in smiles, trading

joy for the piercing the pain of the prevalent poor.


It is rare that the rapist is prosecuted and their

violated victim able to see right justice visited,

and proper judgements meaning a perpetrator

is behind prison bars of civilised sentencing.


It is rare that royalty faces the full force of 

the law and paedophile’s are held to account,

wealthy or poor, public or private, halted for

each vulnerable child deserves to live safely.


It is rare that we find good overcoming evil,

as vice, calumny and cruelty are newsworthy

but the good is oft interred and the efforts of

hard working folk is the quiet grace of God.

Broken Politics.

Casting a vote on the emptiness of politics,

is like being tossed on the unpredictable seas

of storms and whirlpools, sinking and drownings.


Those who are outside suffer hunger while sated

men and women on huge battle ships belch fire on 

those struggling in the waters of injustice, malice and


violence from incited racism and attacks on women 

grow endlessly as grossly negligent police forces are

ignoring the violent suppression of women’s voices, and


the killing of women daily as well as tiny children who are

broken and burned, tortured and violated by the very ones

that are called to protect them, gently love them and safely.


There is nothing new under the sun as the news is trotted

out by biased papers and news channels owned by the mega

rich and so we look on in fear and shock and shame that our


nations representatives are heeding to shameful passions

that kill and maim. And through their lying teeth we hear they

are building strong for a nation, but breaking the beleaguered poor.

Goodness Sown

Politics is the name but man

-ipulation the game as they 

have learned to use our 

prejudices against us,

leaning on us like toppling

trees to sway our thinking and

blow away our morality.

Murdoch has tumbled the


numbers to open he safe, of

sanity and pushed the news

into his own road. And it rises

to meet the crowds listening.

Like a torrent it washes their

minds with the sewage of

racism, misogyny and the

exploitation of small children.


Television has fallen to their

wolflike wiles; and promotes

government biased propaganda,

while those in charge pour 

our economy into the drain

of their utter incompetence.

The evil that they do lives

long after them and the good

is oft crushed to build an empire.


Are we a thin voice in a 


or do we work alongside others?

Avaaz, Amnesty, Tear Fund, 

Faith groups , Greta and great,

egregious heroes that shame 

their lies, build bulwarks against 

a base enemy as they battle

to break bonds and broker change. 


There is 

mighty good my friends, and

we reap what we sow.

Corruption and Greed

Bombast and rhetoric that lines the domain,

blasting through democracy and destroying,

bruising the nerves and breaking the news, 

to split and divide neighbours so they can

cruelly conquer the looking lost, the pain

filled poor, the long time oppressed, and 

dignity dies from preventable diseases

while they warmonger to warp their

furtherance. And the fragile minds of


children are mutilated by ill timed

mumblings that deaden the brain to

hasty honour, love and self-worth

tidily sorted away as something bad,

while the  nasty peddling of putrid 

policies work in the veins of a populace,

to dislocate and deaden until the dead


arise and triumph over the sad sickness

of oppression, organised hatred, and

so a new happence, a hope, like the

halfling trudging through Gondor with

the weight of the world in a wicked ring, 

persevered, while evil conquered itself and 

good overcame. 

Fascist Take Over

Muttering behind their fisted hands, 

and murmuring voiced their complaints,

and muted applause for a strangled clause,

that moderates a response while killing goes on.


Burbling streams that wear folk down,

and buttering up the cream of influence,

and bartered appeals that threaten children,

through bargaining that weights the loaded die.


Fractured opposition falls infighting,

failing to see the tyrants’ colluding coup,

and frightened the oppressed are grateful for

fragments  that fall from the tyrants tasty tables.


Imprisoned, passionate prophets cry for lost chances,

indifference feeding fascist lies and cheating, with

promises of rich rewards and contracts to 

shore up their shredding of democracy.

Alliterative Politics.


Alliterative Politics

Groans and grief and greying out of guarantees,

pouring in of power that puts politicians paramount

as they sort through mail, campaigns and tweets and

still they stick to the stultifying straightjackets of 

policies, proudly pushed past pleading public.

Burdens bearing down the battered poor

as they struggle to stave of sickness, starvation and

Benefits no longer benefitting but boldly break

their hearts harvesting their hopes

creating crises and keeping 

Corrupt crooked cravers of coin

Power protected. Purveyors of poor

driving destruction of dying denizens, with

wicked wiles wanting wads .