Money Paces the Action.

The turbid water struggled down the sluggish stream,

filling my mind with the conflicting consequences of

completed actions repugnant to life, like the stagnant 

putrid puddles steamy with slimy sewage by the bank.


The once clear waters had flowed, tumbling over the

rocks and stones, sparkling in the sunlight as it wove

its way past gay, green meadows and tall stalked fields

of wind blown wheat, waving like golden ocean waves.


Now I see only the wasted time of delayed deliberations, 

spoiling the landscape, destroying the already dying

lives of once naturally resilient flora and fauna for ever,

decisions made by filthy lucre, ignoring the science.


Like the stream we muddied and meandered on 

doing things that meddled and made things worse, 

to line the pockets of politicians and  friends, to suit 

those with egoistic eyes amassing millions in a bank.

Crooked Leadership

Accountable? me? Please, don’t be daft,

The sun shines out of my smiley mouth,

my empty eyes twinkle like sparkling stars,

my baffled brain works to shadow my hand.


Why should I be challenged and accused?

Why should you tell me that I am wrong?

When will you understand that I am a

person who is above the law, beyond it,


For I am an honourable man, we are all

honourable men, we have come with 

honour to serve the wealthy, our friends

and to abate the work amongst the rest.