Mother Earth

Her vital blood vessels,  congested

with synthetic carbons and an aortic

aneurism of melting ice issuing

and spilling over a splashed land.


Her joints, arthritic and stiffened

by politicians feasting on fine minerals.

Muscles, fatigued by black, oil soaked 

economies, shunning the light.


Growth glands and physiology polluted 

by toxins derived from fertilisers,

foul exhalations, exhausts and ash

from fires fanning the flames of fools.


Swollen and calcified, the heart

beats slower and irregularly, as

the plasma bloats with micro plastics, 

its chambers flooded with the blood


of bodies, distorted with self deception

and the lungs gutted by greed,

and they shrink and shrivel lost to,

pulmonary schlerosis of palm oils,


until mother earth can not sustain






Plastic Warfare

The clouds floated on the face of

the water, which flowed

silently under branches of trees.

Nothing moved

nothing stirred

but the grey water.


Up above the sun shone

cloaking the trees in burning heat

and searing the ground;

charring the last

vestiges of grass

that were not burned

by the salt laced stream.


The sun fell below

the far off horizon

kindling a breeze,

which blew through the

now empty hostile heartland


and plastic pieces 

bowled along the broken earth

surviving silently in a scape

devoid of the living.