It is Rare

It is rare that we hear the truth from leaning liars,

and we find ourselves assigned apologies that are

spun and woven as spider’s webs to placate and push

away critics and the fearful future of resignations.

It is rare that we hear of poverty on the agenda

of the wealth driven economies of the wide world, 

and so they wallow, wreathed in smiles, trading

joy for the piercing the pain of the prevalent poor.


It is rare that the rapist is prosecuted and their

violated victim able to see right justice visited,

and proper judgements meaning a perpetrator

is behind prison bars of civilised sentencing.


It is rare that royalty faces the full force of 

the law and paedophile’s are held to account,

wealthy or poor, public or private, halted for

each vulnerable child deserves to live safely.


It is rare that we find good overcoming evil,

as vice, calumny and cruelty are newsworthy

but the good is oft interred and the efforts of

hard working folk is the quiet grace of God.