The Evils of the Love of Money

The greasy oil barons and the greedy gas companies

making dirty electricity that’s priced beyond reach.

Like a sucking leech on the poor: they drain them

of their last coins to maintain hidden pots of gold,

and like beady eyed predators they watch and grin

then spend their ill gained lolly on another new sin.

What price a Child’s Life?

The soft skin dries,

amongst new Mum sighs,

and Dad is keen to play his role

and so the child grows their soul.


The sibilant tweeting of birds in the garden

flow around them, sleeping without fear of men,

til sound becomes words and their mind can think,

and so they learn that their new future is on the blink.


With others they grow and seek the difference they need,

and seeds sown in their lives by adults who’ve yielded to greed. 

No thought was given to a small babies crying while around the table,

lying and hiding the truth strangers wrangle over words and badly disable


the chance to build a world for the newly born but construct it strongly around

coal and oil for the corporate companies who have sold their lives to be bank bound,

taking the joys of trudging lanes, beach trips because to them it’ll be ever dangerously evil.

and when that child dies in wars over water, or hostile weather that will torment and kill, will


those who hide in safe homes with guns 

and food give a toss for them or only their sons.

Cold Hearts

They know it is wrong, the science is clear, but

prefer high profile jobs to turning the tide?

They hang on their hearts, the voices of children,

but hungry oil and coal eats its way into their

homes, hopes, failed harvests and he denies

with sown seeds of power. So, head’s together 

they ignore truth and make vague promises

that are sound bites to eat away more of the

land, the farms, the crops, melting glaciers

but not the ice around their hearts.

The Earth left to Governments

The moon stared through the dust at the landscape,

barely limming rooftops and rare trees with her light,

and down in the streets no one moves as the dark

oppression of climate collapse knocks on their doors.


Hiding behind a front door a child peeps through the

unsealed letter box, and smells the dust and heat of

a hundred nights that harried nature into silence, and

slowed the breath of millions of condemned creatures.


As the moon sets the shining stars sparkle in the sky,

but below on the earth no one sees, for the earth has

turned to gritty fragments which hide their sparkling

beauty for a world turning to a darkening, deadly way.


Too soon the sun warms the grit and ash until the air

makes lungs gasp and bleed and give up their hope.

And, so they lay on the earth and are soon covered by

blackness of oil, coal, wood fires, plastic and human


detritus, which soiled its way into the fighting words of

a century of cries – that destruction was the destiny and

the politicians listened and did their own thing licensing

oil exploration, coal excavation against science and tho’


children struck, people marched and wrote to their loss

leaders, who like an arrogant army of ants all over the

land they devastated jungles, forests and farmland with

poisons, pollution and greenhouse gases spilt large, til


the rivers ran dry, armies fought over water, and blood

stained the ground where food and been, for brother

fought brother for a bite, while suffocating particles 

filled the arid air until the once homely planet supports 


only death.