A Refugee Hell

She shrank from the man, who wanted to enslave her body,

and over months with her children she walked, crawled 

and found a 

place to sleep. work for few coins, hiding and

hoping that they would not chase her and place her 

again in chains. 

A man took pity, her money and her mother’s jewellery

and placed her in a group to travel across the wide

wilderness. She ate scraps and sold her body so that

she could keep travelling away from terror and try to

find a way through to feed her cheerless children. 

It took more than a year before she was pushed onto

a frail boat that was thrust into the seething waters of

a strange sea and holding her children, enduring the

cold and violence of the waves they arrived on a 

strange and sandy shore. Lights sparkled dimly in 

a far off way and together they walked through the

strong salty grasses.


Someone came and took her

and thrust her into a van and gruff voices warned

her in a language of violence and further threats.


Mute and the children grizzling they held tightly to

one another, and once the van stopped, they were

talked through a security gate into a building full

of destitute, desperate people from lands far away.


She shrank back with her children and knew that

hell was here. They told her through an interpreter

that she would be returned, and discovered to

her shock that she was hated by this government,

and that Great Britain was cruel, compassionless 

and as threatening as those,

through which she had hard travelled.