Is God a Bully?

Wear a hat!

Sit still!

Wear a veil!


prostrate yourself!

give money!




God is warring,

violent, avenging,

A Jealous one,

rewards killers,

racist, white,

spurns women,

wants sacrifices,

tramples infants!

Thous shall not!


Didn’t God create

a beautiful world?

Love and families?

gave us Jesus,


equality for all,

non violent


stood against


self giving,

so beautiful.

The cross.

The grave.


Loving hands freed to heal again.

Lent a Fast

What do I do with Lent?

Does God really choose

to ignore me if I eat chocolate,

or biscuits, or drink wine?


Does God like me better

because I give up something?


I believe that fasting maybe 

not for God at all, but for me.

A time where I feel better

about myself and therefore

I will make you feel better too.


So, I shall eat chocolate,

drink wine and brandy too,

but will stop for a moment

and cwts with Jesus. We will 

feast as he hold me fast within.