Death to the Rainforest

The engine broke the silence as it burst into life,

then plied its way through dirty plains pulling up

to gaze at towering trees alive with bright birds’

chattering and calling in alarm at the gruff roaring

of the massive monster rolling towards their roots.


They flew in consternation away from the trees 

making a rainbow cloud that delighted the driver,

but obediently he opened throttle and charged 

at that beauty, and love and birth and limitless 

opportunities with the tragic tools of tyranny.


The trees crashed to the ground and tiny leaf 

ants ran neath blundering, biting wheels, while

flowers of subtle hues, and harbingers of hope

were smashed and burned by the short sighted,

self centred,

will of humans heartily seeking hasty returns.


Blatantly destroying the hopes of billions around

the globe as deliberately they decided to loose

live threatening gases, killing for bucks natures

blotting paper, seeing nothing but barren fields

filled with forlorn frightened herds built to taste,


committing self destruction as the future unfurls,

While, in the doleful dismal not far away, work

tenacious teams, patiently prepping and planting;

with visions of a restored, rainbow hued rainforest 

where human’s see the glory and not the money.


If you would like to know how to help –

The tenacious team is 8BillionTrees.

Exterminating Fires.

One moment in time a human

celebrated curling smoke rising

through their homes, and flickering

flames shone, softening their fear of

growing darkness and the waiting wilful wilderness.


Then like Saruman, they learnt

to use it to enslave, and invent

monstrous machines, turning

buried treasures to killing gases,

polluting their joy, stealing, injuring innate innocence.


The fires now burn earth’s lungs,

animals lunge for safety, terrified

people flee, flames leaping

from vast fires, which fill the over

heated atmosphere with gas,

creating a string of dreadful, deadly disasters.


Gifted to us by a gracious hand,

a blue planet, oceans for a heart,

forests to be breathe for creation,

and ice caps sparkling as eyes

and the call of children a clear call of conscience.


But, now the heart is diseased,

the lungs collapsing with cancer,

the melted poles reveal a terrible

lack of sight, amidst the call of 

little ones, silenced by the grip of grim greed.