Space to think.

I looked up to see a myriad moments of pulsing stars, my

icy breath the soul cloud between us, and my fingers reach

out to touch and feeling only cold, my heart sinks; for I

was alone, an abyss between me and the borrowed lights.

And the darkness grows around me as I lie on a blue-green 

world. I wait and watch and there, it flashed across the sky 

and, in that moment I saw that they too died. And in dying, 

gave light to the night for the few that noticed that shining

plunging of a meteor lost in space, ripped from its security

to be pulled into our gravity. I gazed as the tiny sparkling

suns silently and slowly moved across the night sky. And

I wondered was someone far out there looking back at us, 

telling the story of a night under the panoply of the heavens,

where the icy air imbued strength to the imaginings of a 

connection between worlds, millions of light years apart, 

and a far off sentient being watching and wondering about