Cambo and others

The candle flamed and then the dark enfolded it,

taking the space from the rank room and filling

it with the sins of the rich nations who take each

glimmer of light and feed on it leaving the rest to

wrestle with the deepening dread of night and


nearby in valley of shadows someone’s sharing

a story of long ago tales, of times where treats

were not rare, and meals were met with thanks

and shared with the stumbling poor. Not one

now knows a joy of justice or the fun of fullness.


The gloom grows with grim satisfaction as the

world closes in – while keeping its largesse for

itself and still they feed the fires of greed as

once wealth takes root it feasts on flights of

fancy that it is never, ever going to be enough.


The historian looked and struggled with tears

that threatened to make pathways down her

frowning features, she read again of the 

terrible tragedy of humans who hesitated,

gave life to oil fields, who oiled their palms




Death to the Rainforest

The engine broke the silence as it burst into life,

then plied its way through dirty plains pulling up

to gaze at towering trees alive with bright birds’

chattering and calling in alarm at the gruff roaring

of the massive monster rolling towards their roots.


They flew in consternation away from the trees 

making a rainbow cloud that delighted the driver,

but obediently he opened throttle and charged 

at that beauty, and love and birth and limitless 

opportunities with the tragic tools of tyranny.


The trees crashed to the ground and tiny leaf 

ants ran neath blundering, biting wheels, while

flowers of subtle hues, and harbingers of hope

were smashed and burned by the short sighted,

self centred,

will of humans heartily seeking hasty returns.


Blatantly destroying the hopes of billions around

the globe as deliberately they decided to loose

live threatening gases, killing for bucks natures

blotting paper, seeing nothing but barren fields

filled with forlorn frightened herds built to taste,


committing self destruction as the future unfurls,

While, in the doleful dismal not far away, work

tenacious teams, patiently prepping and planting;

with visions of a restored, rainbow hued rainforest 

where human’s see the glory and not the money.


If you would like to know how to help –

The tenacious team is 8BillionTrees.


Tis the jolly, holly season

when the leaves fall brown

and children’s conker filled hands

hide in their pockets,

while many watch the decaying colours

brighten the landscape.


While stacked stocks of stifling

carbons wait their turn

to saturate the air and

of  smooth the seasons out-


Til,    no frost and mist,

no multi coloured woodlands,

no dying back of flowers,

no need for scarves and gloves-



the temperature tips

and flowers flourish still,

butterflies dance in the garden

amidst the humming bees and

the strawberry patch with red fruit

fallen tell us boldly, that

the warming is worsening.


Nature is confused and birds

wonder at begetting again,

those sleepy ones who hide, 

stray around

and yet the nightmare of a drought,

driving heat is in our land.


People march,’ Its an emergency,’

they cry, looking at the barred door

of boffins, and some think

to silence is a