Broken Politics.

Casting a vote on the emptiness of politics,

is like being tossed on the unpredictable seas

of storms and whirlpools, sinking and drownings.


Those who are outside suffer hunger while sated

men and women on huge battle ships belch fire on 

those struggling in the waters of injustice, malice and


violence from incited racism and attacks on women 

grow endlessly as grossly negligent police forces are

ignoring the violent suppression of women’s voices, and


the killing of women daily as well as tiny children who are

broken and burned, tortured and violated by the very ones

that are called to protect them, gently love them and safely.


There is nothing new under the sun as the news is trotted

out by biased papers and news channels owned by the mega

rich and so we look on in fear and shock and shame that our


nations representatives are heeding to shameful passions

that kill and maim. And through their lying teeth we hear they

are building strong for a nation, but breaking the beleaguered poor.