The Art of Democracy by the Autocrats.

They sit in chairs, high in office but low in morals,

their tables show the capers of a paper trail that is lit

by more than flames of fire, they burn with people’s

lives lost to avarice, abuse of power, an alter-ego that

professes and stresses while manipulating the minds


of  the electorate, to empower the cowering frauds, 

who love to disempower, destroying their livings 

and still they hear the half truths as gold and the

lies as silver, and make a cross for the dross who 

struggle to hide their glee as the free vote for chains.

Fascist Take Over

Muttering behind their fisted hands, 

and murmuring voiced their complaints,

and muted applause for a strangled clause,

that moderates a response while killing goes on.


Burbling streams that wear folk down,

and buttering up the cream of influence,

and bartered appeals that threaten children,

through bargaining that weights the loaded die.


Fractured opposition falls infighting,

failing to see the tyrants’ colluding coup,

and frightened the oppressed are grateful for

fragments  that fall from the tyrants tasty tables.


Imprisoned, passionate prophets cry for lost chances,

indifference feeding fascist lies and cheating, with

promises of rich rewards and contracts to 

shore up their shredding of democracy.