The Secret Power.

They met in secret, stealthily straining at gnats

to be sure that they would never be restraining

their wealth and never permit the poor to speak.

They’re busily retraining multiple ministers so

they would be refraining from supporting needy

people for that was to go against their reigning.

Teaching then to be disdaining of the protesters

and binding them in law, in statutes to silence,

and stop them staining an ordered fascist land.

They sit in power, chaining the hands of those

who dare and draining the hope of the refugee,

and sending them home to violence and death.


Who gives them the power that they take?

Who allows them to be always on the make?

Governments and leaders feigning innocence.

He sits and smirks as they pat his obedience for 

caning a waning economy; like a smiling nanny 

seeing a pretty child, posing for their parents.

Corruption and Greed

Bombast and rhetoric that lines the domain,

blasting through democracy and destroying,

bruising the nerves and breaking the news, 

to split and divide neighbours so they can

cruelly conquer the looking lost, the pain

filled poor, the long time oppressed, and 

dignity dies from preventable diseases

while they warmonger to warp their

furtherance. And the fragile minds of


children are mutilated by ill timed

mumblings that deaden the brain to

hasty honour, love and self-worth

tidily sorted away as something bad,

while the  nasty peddling of putrid 

policies work in the veins of a populace,

to dislocate and deaden until the dead


arise and triumph over the sad sickness

of oppression, organised hatred, and

so a new happence, a hope, like the

halfling trudging through Gondor with

the weight of the world in a wicked ring, 

persevered, while evil conquered itself and 

good overcame.