John 6:66

After this many disciples quit following him and did not accompany him any longer.

To stay or go

He stands bewildered by their unfurling, hurled unbelief.

He sees in their smouldering embered eyes

A return to earthly vows,

Narrowed estuaries of thought

How could they not?

Why believe in a man

With only his flesh to offer.

No better than others.


She stands shaded and affronted.

After all he had offered

Given, mended the broken, 

Surely it would be just

Not to doubt but stay 

To understand 

the question.


Another, not yet decided

looks down at his sandal shod feet

Questions, doubts.

Drags his feet.

To go from him? 

Like a child snatched from its mother’s breast

and wander, or cast away his beliefs,

Against all his┬álife’s learning.

To stay with the fount of all being

the word of life.