My Valentine

The snowdrops split the Earth and bravely shone against the wintry grey. 

Hiding below where the secret darkness of the soil gives life,

two fruits gradually split and new birth begins. 

Separately they grew entwining the bare branches of the beleaguered hawthorn 

ruled by frost and snow, hail and gales. 

But still they grew on opposing sides of the same bulwark, 

building alone strengthening against spring showers until 

burgeoning  in May. 

Still growing tall they meet in the tangled heart of the graceful bush 

and there kissed. 

           And then entwining together 

their flowers unfurled and the dusky pink petals shone brightly amidst fresh green leaves, brightening in this season. 

Spreading and sprawling they murmured and

With the growing warm summer breeze, humming bees flirted with their pollen laden flowers. 

Grasping each other tightly they stood against the wind storms of early summer, rejoicing  when one by one the fruit emerged green and growing,  

seed hearted with new love, 

And together seeking further staying enmeshed in each other’s arms 

when new branches of the Blackberry came and lurking tried to divide, snarl and spoil, encroaching upon their liberty and freedom but together stronger they held tightly, 

snuggly fitting their strengthened stems 

And as the summer Sun is called and the autumn leaves fall,  

slowly  the Wild Rose loosens ripened fruits that will slip into the dark through gold leafed branches.  

There, felled by roaring wind, in silence they pass through the waves of frosts and incoming winds of winter. 

Time holds us like a vital vice, til, letting go we enter into sleep, 

a quiet time away, and rest from our labours. 

There in the garden are the quiet hopes. 

Year on year out the rose flowers blossom, their leaves grow and petals form blush pink. Love surpasses the seasons and though, my love, we die, our love grows again 

into another generation. 

I’m forever yours my Valentine. 

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margins are a great place sometimes because it is where change happens fastest but it is also a horrible place when we are stuck in them and grace is the moment when we can see that someone cares.

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