Mary of Magdala -proof she is nothing more than his student

in John’s Gospel chapter 20 we are clearly shown that Mary is a disciple of Jesus. He speaks first to Mary giving her primary importance in the new age – the new kingdom- he gives her the message to give to the others. I will show clearly from the text that they have never been more that teacher and pupil. If people have been married then there is more than just facial recognition – the writer is careful to make sure that, for Mary Jesus is unidentifiable until he uses her name. The writer is also careful to tell us that she does not recognise Jesus. We are told that Jesus speaks to her and she thinks he is the gardener. He then uses her name. Imagine the shock for her. She has gone from the trauma of watching his brutalised body under crucifixion, burying him and then thinking someone has snatched his body.  In that sort of shock someone always speaks the truth. They cannot lie and they speak from the heart. The writer tells us her first word to him is ‘Rabboni” teacher. Not what I would have said if my beloved husband had died and then appeared to me a couple of days later apparently breathing and of the flesh  – the writer of this passage is careful to make it clear that their relationship was a teacher and one of his best pupils with whom he entrusts with a message that is huge.  On it turns our world – it changes the world for ever – it changes heaven for ever too. Jesus gave her the message which is bigger than any message even of the angel telling Mary she was going to have a baby. This message said – I have overcome death and sin – God is here and God has given God’s own life for everyone and everything in history and in the future.  This is the biggest!