Where in the foggy state of politics

is the misty figure whose job is – to

swarm over our crucial credibility?

Each step of disastrous politics,

each step of disastrous climate ,

each step of callous dealings

increasing the pace of poverty,

drives us further and distant 

from our path of democracy,

the common good and so they

laugh at those who think –



What do they gain who ply

their putrid trade of corruption?

Paying accountants who aren’t 

hesitant to open other pathways

to islands; whose economies rely

on those monies. And tax free

isles punish the poor  – who get

less and pay the bankers’ bonuses,

and the wages of those who spurn 

them hugging their hungry wallets;

No regretting! letting things stink!

and they laugh at those who think –



Who benefits when markets crash

as befits our failing tory fed land?

While people cry, children stumble

to school to chew their rubbers or

nibble on precious pencils, waiting 

for a basic lunch that is shrinking. 

What is this government thinking? 

Why punish hungry, skinny children? 

Why cruelly tether Universal Credit   

while blind, mindless leaders feast 

at banquets and leave them the least?


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margins are a great place sometimes because it is where change happens fastest but it is also a horrible place when we are stuck in them and grace is the moment when we can see that someone cares.

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