Corruption and Greed

Bombast and rhetoric that lines the domain,

blasting through democracy and destroying,

bruising the nerves and breaking the news, 

to split and divide neighbours so they can

cruelly conquer the looking lost, the pain

filled poor, the long time oppressed, and 

dignity dies from preventable diseases

while they warmonger to warp their

furtherance. And the fragile minds of


children are mutilated by ill timed

mumblings that deaden the brain to

hasty honour, love and self-worth

tidily sorted away as something bad,

while the  nasty peddling of putrid 

policies work in the veins of a populace,

to dislocate and deaden until the dead


arise and triumph over the sad sickness

of oppression, organised hatred, and

so a new happence, a hope, like the

halfling trudging through Gondor with

the weight of the world in a wicked ring, 

persevered, while evil conquered itself and 

good overcame. 

Children Drowning

The child gripped her father as the waves bounded over their boat,

and beneath it too. Lifting it high only to crash it down into the cold, 

cold waters of the North Sea. The salty sea water soaked her hair, her

clothes and slowly the dreadful, creaking carcass of wood cracking, and 

groaning; split, and rotted planks fell away leaving the poor 

sailors staring sightless at the cruel, cruel sea, while governments

talked endlessly of ways and means and blocks earning money and 

spending it fruitlessly; refusing to spend it on the seekers and cruel, 

cruel men and women stared sightless at the little body: a sign to the

world of the cost of freedom in a world bound to violence.