New Year

Gnarled, growling, gasping for your breath,

New Year grabs us and startles the earth,

no one is missed, none escape

the strength of a new beginning’s traipse

over the grotty, grim crimes of the states.


Bargaining, brainstorming the distant hope,

time harries the stricken, strains their rope

swinging over the murky waters of deprivation,

while governments meander through

taking what they want as their due.


Battling the beleaguered margins look for change,

Everyone desperate for more, in a time that will range

itself against wisdom, finding a weary God

crying in the wilderness for love to motivate

the powerful to listen to the spirit, open a gate,

greet the New Year listen, negotiate, soar to the heights-

aspiring to strengthen justice and human rights,

care for the disadvantaged and lighten the plights

of refugees, workers, and those who nurse nights,

narrowing the divide, bringing equity, undo the blights

and give us back



Happy New Year to you all.
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Christmas Lights

He stood, stark against the bomb blasted, bleak land,

His heart bearing pain, sorrow and blight of a child’s light,

Abused, beaten, trafficked, abandoned,

Helpless as the baby he became. 

Tears running down his beard, from his beleaguered soul,

seeing broken bone weary, loss battered women

Oppressed, violated, imprisoned 

Faceless as the babe he became. 

He gasps at the slaves striped and bowed near to death,

at the evil promoting their ownership, racism and violence,

lashed, starved, brutalised

homeless as the babe he became. 

Wringing his hands he cringes at the cold killing if creation;

as beautiful trees become barren stumps and creatures

Frantic, scuttling, suffering

voiceless as the babe he became. 

Weeping he walked the way of pain to offer a narrow path,

where children safely play, women and men equal and free,

nature loved and nurtured raise their voices 

in joy for the babe of Bethlehem who lights our choices






Happy Christmas and more good light and better choices in 2023

The Evils of the Love of Money

The greasy oil barons and the greedy gas companies

making dirty electricity that’s priced beyond reach.

Like a sucking leech on the poor: they drain them

of their last coins to maintain hidden pots of gold,

and like beady eyed predators they watch and grin

then spend their ill gained lolly on another new sin.

Children Deserve The Best!

I fear to look at the little ones who’ll die,

I fear to look on their faces blue with cold,

I fear to look on the little ones who are sick,

I fear to look at the faces of those who had

the mightiness to stop little ones suffering so


Five course dinners while others starve?

Warmth enough for shirt sleeve working?

No fear of the coming cold?

Private health care? No waiting list for them.

The queuing sick dying from want of a nurse.


Where is the hope if we rely on humans?

Where in them are the thoughts of grace?

Where in them a heart to overturn poverty?

Their eyes are blinded by the lust of power

and deaf ears stopped by voices of greed.


Christmas comes coldly, costing this year,

still carols play their cheery, bardic magic of

blessings of a God who walked our way of

oppression, betrayal, poverty, aggression.

And then Denies the power of corruption,


to show death has no dominion. Fury turns

to murder and buries him like a mustard seed,

amongst their thistles and rocks of cruelty.

Jesus thrusts from the earth like a loving tree

forming a safe haven for a threatened creation.


Why? like those who nailed him to a tree 

do we deprive ourselves, turn from goodness

making self destruction a law for our land?

Why can we not look at the face of a child

and cry, ‘Let us believe in them, give the best: 

Make Safety, Health and Love our quest.’