Corporations and Climate Change

They sailed their ships across the corporate greed,

slashing and burning, til they filled the bee strong air

with the sound of cries of the dying, the waves of 

the plasticised sea, turning a blind eye to succeed.


Layering the nest of those whose intransigence is

bound to a menus of growing evil diligence, to saw

away at the world’s natural life until they have made

it a desert, a monument to mans mandatory pride.


In the waters of business and gains, its holed by

carbon and plastics and oil and coal, til water is

walking through the gaps,  met by cries of chaps,

‘Its entirely natural, the water should be on board.’


The steady flow fills the field of their vision but still

they cry, ‘Its ok, mates, we stay as we are. You can’t

believe Thunberg, the science is flawed. We will be

safe, we will stay floating, it is just as we planned.’


They gathered their trashing tools and made more 

breaches, and they suck dry the poor like leeches.  

saying, ‘Ignore them, the maths is all wrong. We’re

to be making mega bucks without any restrictions.


Turning slowly their megacorps sink below the 

waves.  As the ocean of climate chaos covers 

the deck there are still vain voices to be heard, 

‘We don’t need to change. We need to make 

more money and 

more money……..’

silence echoed around the earth and a film of plastic

blew across the desertified, death strewn landscape 

A Refugee Hell

She shrank from the man, who wanted to enslave her body,

and over months with her children she walked, crawled 

and found a 

place to sleep. work for few coins, hiding and

hoping that they would not chase her and place her 

again in chains. 

A man took pity, her money and her mother’s jewellery

and placed her in a group to travel across the wide

wilderness. She ate scraps and sold her body so that

she could keep travelling away from terror and try to

find a way through to feed her cheerless children. 

It took more than a year before she was pushed onto

a frail boat that was thrust into the seething waters of

a strange sea and holding her children, enduring the

cold and violence of the waves they arrived on a 

strange and sandy shore. Lights sparkled dimly in 

a far off way and together they walked through the

strong salty grasses.


Someone came and took her

and thrust her into a van and gruff voices warned

her in a language of violence and further threats.


Mute and the children grizzling they held tightly to

one another, and once the van stopped, they were

talked through a security gate into a building full

of destitute, desperate people from lands far away.


She shrank back with her children and knew that

hell was here. They told her through an interpreter

that she would be returned, and discovered to

her shock that she was hated by this government,

and that Great Britain was cruel, compassionless 

and as threatening as those,

through which she had hard travelled.

A Rainbow of Grace

Deep in sorrow I walked the walk of grief,

Feeling in my hurting heart the pain of loss.

Each beat a reminder of them and their sweet

faces now facing an enemy grown by greed.


The rainbows arched across the sky, spilling

their palette of colours as it stretched until

it sank into the seething sea, and shared its 

delight in the writhing waves of the sea water.


I reached for a brush and paper wanting to

replicate the delicate hues, and share my own

pleasure in a prism given to us signifying that

God’s creation is a gift that cannot be compared.


I lay and watched and thoughts flowed through a

third eye to another place. There, there is water

and a dome of coloured rocks and everywhere

dancing painted arcs that ripple and flow with


every combination and complication forming

and reforming red, gold, fern green, palest pink,

prime colours and even those we cannot see,

as if a paint chart is playing its own concerto.


I opened my eyes and the sky was going grey,

the loss of the grace of that moment grieved

by the heart, yet still in my mind’s eye it lived,

and over the horizon a growing darkness filled


the skies and brought me back to the gloom

of dying children and forest fires breaking

the chain of life and deepening the crush of 

a changing climate that will cause a cataclysm. 


From a grateful gift of grace I walked on 

with a rainbow of hope pulsing with the

rays of refracted sunlight, a lighthouse 

of hope in a dark and troubled moment.