Exterminating Fires.

One moment in time a human

celebrated curling smoke rising

through their homes, and flickering

flames shone, softening their fear of

growing darkness and the waiting wilful wilderness.


Then like Saruman, they learnt

to use it to enslave, and invent

monstrous machines, turning

buried treasures to killing gases,

polluting their joy, stealing, injuring innate innocence.


The fires now burn earth’s lungs,

animals lunge for safety, terrified

people flee, flames leaping

from vast fires, which fill the over

heated atmosphere with gas,

creating a string of dreadful, deadly disasters.


Gifted to us by a gracious hand,

a blue planet, oceans for a heart,

forests to be breathe for creation,

and ice caps sparkling as eyes

and the call of children a clear call of conscience.


But, now the heart is diseased,

the lungs collapsing with cancer,

the melted poles reveal a terrible

lack of sight, amidst the call of 

little ones, silenced by the grip of grim greed.

A Refuge from Incompetence.

Distraught on the rugged, stony cliff,

she watched the surf spilling onto rocks.

The sussurating sea, a rolling reminder to 

her of Autumn winds and whirling leaves.


The mizzling mist came heavily, hugging,

and wrapping her with a welcome refuge

shushing the hustling agitation in her haven,

til eased, soothed, safe on her own island. 


Viruses and violation and vague politicians,

hours that hurtled her into an aching abyss

of undone work, deadlines, unwritten lines,

statutory isolation, tedium and tension.


For now, though, 



a sentinel, 


amidst the sweet sounds of

calling Choughs, 

children laughing and 

the steady murmur of the sea.

Fascist Take Over

Muttering behind their fisted hands, 

and murmuring voiced their complaints,

and muted applause for a strangled clause,

that moderates a response while killing goes on.


Burbling streams that wear folk down,

and buttering up the cream of influence,

and bartered appeals that threaten children,

through bargaining that weights the loaded die.


Fractured opposition falls infighting,

failing to see the tyrants’ colluding coup,

and frightened the oppressed are grateful for

fragments  that fall from the tyrants tasty tables.


Imprisoned, passionate prophets cry for lost chances,

indifference feeding fascist lies and cheating, with

promises of rich rewards and contracts to 

shore up their shredding of democracy.