Be prepared.

We are running and rushing

towards an abyss of blockbuster 

proportions, no one is fully facing to

be properly prepared for what may be.

We shoot off our stinking guns and 

starve children, we battle for land

and barter the lives of our brethren,

while, waiting       a virus wrests from 

us our selfishness and security,

our finances are shot to smithereens

silver cannot shop for supplies if 

those working are sick and isolating.

Slowly the world is realising that

only together can we survive the

next outbreak, the next may take

the young and we do not 





The Caress of Nature

I sat beneath the boughs of the cherry blossom

and felt its touch as light as a doves feather,

it drifted down and traced its path down my cheek,

and lay for a moment embracing me with a


sweetness of a caress that called to me to

become as light, reaching out with the same 

delicacy that transformed a moment

bringing me both joy and gratefulness.

Death in the dark.

It happened in the night

as the golden owl glided by

and the scuttling of tiny mice

scrabbling in the earth for food.


The flowers slept and the trees

were quiet. The swollen stream

washed their roots and the rain

rolled down in rippling rivulets.


The silent drifting by of a fox,

its mouth clamped close around the

dying body of a farmer’s fowl

slipped by stirring the grasses.

It came through unseen and

a shell shaped bomb biting its

teeth, thumped down trashing 

the branches of a bewildered beech.


The sound stole the air and then

filled the quiet with violence

and its vile opinion

that its self importance was


the decree of men and women.

who sent it forth to murder

and maim. And its life over

the woodland sticks its dead


branches and mud flung oaks

out in desperation, reaching out

for the desecration in prayer

for a place



now nowhere.

Antidote – The Elephant in the Room

There was an elephant, oh so big,

t’was rather proud of his twirling trunk

he trumpeted triumphantly til the noise

threatened all, he said they stunk.


He flung it far from side to side

and lifted slippery trees and stuff

and sweetly smiled his toothy grin,

decidedly drunk on being so tough.


When bathing,  the others fled in droves

and hastily hid behind hills and trees,

for when he sprayed, it covered miles

and soaked the landscape and the seas.


Then a mote of dust flew down, sliding

up his nostrils and silently stroked his skin –

til he sneezed, and sneezed into the breeze

and collapsed in a heap right on his knees.


The moral of the poem is that power is self destructive -even for a virus!

Policing the Till

She sat at her till and stared

sufferingly at the cascade 

coffee boxes and cans

and counting them carefully

speaking kindly, she said, “No.”


Her pinched features pulling

at her ready smile, she stopped

the stockpiling and stealing

of food from fellow folk

who see only empty shelves.


Words fall from her weary lips

and the sadness of fear for

her own, and what’s right or

wrong has been heaped upon

her shoulders and what if


she says, ‘What if we fall ill?

Who will do our work?”

Will shops close and then

           we will be shaken and shuffle

off our mortal coil starving?


And the footweary poor

hungered by others avarice and 

alarm, share the fear but not the food

as anxiety clouds men and womens’

judgement and journeying.


It enters the scene slyly,

where from we know not.

It challenges the chariots

of human arrogance.


It sits waiting without 

racism, genderism,

sexism and classism,

ageism or poverty.


Wealth will not avoid

its tentacles tangling

and trying to kill as

it seduces and secures


its future development;

spreading silently,

mutating, morphing and 

mangling management.


Many’ll fall, most will stand.

Tears will stain our faces

and survival means grief

and joy at life’s journeying.

Lent a Fast

What do I do with Lent?

Does God really choose

to ignore me if I eat chocolate,

or biscuits, or drink wine?


Does God like me better

because I give up something?


I believe that fasting maybe 

not for God at all, but for me.

A time where I feel better

about myself and therefore

I will make you feel better too.


So, I shall eat chocolate,

drink wine and brandy too,

but will stop for a moment

and cwts with Jesus. We will 

feast as he hold me fast within.