A child of war

Scrabbling in the dirt,

gripping her mud splattered space,

facing the fury of human hatred,

a child crying for a chance to be.


Pulling herself up,

handheld tight to the hideous sight,

eyes blanketed and bleached

a wretched one of warring men.


Stooping to touch him,

scrabbling in the ruins of love

she found her father’s fingers,

and held on, hoping he’d wake


and whistle, and wrap her

tightly and lightly, but

the barbarism and blindness

of self centred sadists,


blasted the battered child,

and her eyes emptied of life

stare sightlessly at his hand,

and somewhere someone smiled

and said, “Well Done!”



The sun was sinking below the sea,

reddening the thundering waves,

as they seek ever to wash away

the ever encroaching, life taking

human indifference to its might.


The orange tinted clouds breathed

in the scent of salt and green rich

trees that waved in the wind, and

lifted the souls of those who saw.


Streaks of black reached out across

striping the sky, and lovingly

the light dimmed and flowers

drooped their heads and wept for


the loss of Spring and Winter,

the lack of a life giving rest,

and the grief of seeing so few

of others survive this creation


of a kingdom blind to its glory.


Great goodness gone to greed,

darkling skies of shining stars,

hidden by the smoking smog

of the smoking, oil rich denials.


Plastic polluted oceans

tangling, wrapping 

wizened wild life

in brackish brooks.

Melting glaciers,,

hectoring heat,

fire  fighting,

deadly winds,

bodies broken,

whitened bones,

whipped indifference

buried in heaps.


Brutal killings

heavenly heroes,

snatching or stealing,

children of charity,

running refugees,

rife of rape,

dearth of convictions,

laughing leerers,

wrecking whispers,

tawdry tales and

fascists fights.


Deafened dictators,

denying democratic rights,

politics pounding

sense to insanity,

ignorance ignoring, 

and each open