Shiny metal, flawless finish,

is moved

along its production line,

mirroring the faces of 

men and women

pleased with progress

and a pay cheque

to provide for their



Packed in safety, protection

paramount as It is 

ported away to prove Its worth,

passing men and women

overalled and busy in the

cavernous warehouses.


Awaiting collection, awaiting 

transport to meet the ones

who have paid a king’s ransom,

to own It, operate It and

see their powerful faces 

reflected in It.


At last, primed and 

prepared, It flies high

dazzling in the blue sky,

and with eagle eyes,

picks out the sites where,

innocent children 

play in the ruins

of their lives. 


Rescuers roughly rummaging

through the rubble and flesh

and bones, see a shard of 

glowing metal 

mirroring the dulled, 

staring eyes

of a child,

curly haired

and cherubic,

cold as ice. 


Tis the jolly, holly season

when the leaves fall brown

and children’s conker filled hands

hide in their pockets,

while many watch the decaying colours

brighten the landscape.


While stacked stocks of stifling

carbons wait their turn

to saturate the air and

of  smooth the seasons out-


Til,    no frost and mist,

no multi coloured woodlands,

no dying back of flowers,

no need for scarves and gloves-



the temperature tips

and flowers flourish still,

butterflies dance in the garden

amidst the humming bees and

the strawberry patch with red fruit

fallen tell us boldly, that

the warming is worsening.


Nature is confused and birds

wonder at begetting again,

those sleepy ones who hide, 

stray around

and yet the nightmare of a drought,

driving heat is in our land.


People march,’ Its an emergency,’

they cry, looking at the barred door

of boffins, and some think

to silence is a 





Divided and split like rotting oranges,

devoured by evil agendas

taking away our choices,

drawing savage lines,

destroying freedoms,

and imperilling peace.

Denying community,

using rivalry and rifts

to build their stores,

stacking shelves with our 

hope and stealing our 

safety and certainty

so, then the future

is filled with fears.


Shall we sleepwalk 

into their schedule? Or,

will they waken us and

common sense call us to

celebrate our diversity,

do good to our neighbours,

construct community,

value each persons’ place,

honour each human life,

and match it with our

willingness to seek

our way ahead



She lies in my arms,
I trace the curve of her soft skin.
Her long lashes sweep her cheek
and she gives herself
up to sleep,
up to me;
a gift of

My own eyes dimmed with
the press of passing years
and creased skin with
laughter lines
and low lids
trembling with
tears, at her
faith in me,

undeserved! as I and
my peers have
profligately profited
from her future
set her
planet alight,
pardoned the despoiler
and punished
our children.