Early Spring Loving 

I would lay on a bank of violets

entwined with my beloved.

We would caress and kiss

amidst their sweet scent.


I would not my sweet so 

lie in the early Spring,

chilled and soaked by a purple speckled

mound. Lets away

 to lie on a woollen wrap,

as passion’s sweet scent mingles 

with a log blazed fire.

Plastic Warfare

The clouds floated on the face of

the water, which flowed

silently under branches of trees.

Nothing moved

nothing stirred

but the grey water.


Up above the sun shone

cloaking the trees in burning heat

and searing the ground;

charring the last

vestiges of grass

that were not burned

by the salt laced stream.


The sun fell below

the far off horizon

kindling a breeze,

which blew through the

now empty hostile heartland


and plastic pieces 

bowled along the broken earth

surviving silently in a scape

devoid of the living.

A knife through the heart

She clutched the photo

that had brought her so much joy

but now her hammering heart 

was bruised and broken.


She damped down her rage,

afraid to feel

that ferocious force which had

flared fisting her hands,

as she tried to heed the

so sad sympathetic officer.


She rocked back and forth

and shook off the hands

that longed to hold her.

Comfort was wrong.

Numbness was better.

If she didn’t feel then

surely it couldn’t be true.


Outside she could hear

cars and people

waiting for news

and somewhere, someone

was washing away her sons blood.


She held the frame, until it 

cut into her arms,

and looked across the room,

at stunned stares from the sofa.

Her beautiful children.

How could she care

for lives that could

be killed by knives

coldly cutting innocent flesh.

Would some wicked creature,

kindled by evil,

crucify her again and again?

The thoughts of the horror started to


like broken glass

through her mind


her peace 

for ever.

If you have been affected by this subject:

Helpline: 0845 872 3440

To Hell and Back


Head in hands, he stared out the dirty window.

Manacled feet clanked as he shifted for a better view

in the fading light of fields where

the dusky figures bowed by years of bad food,

‘sleep and deep unhappiness.

Boss man raised his anger filled voice

Slapping her down for slaving slowly.


Seth, be not my name,

but be chosen by Missus

when Mama gave me birth 

and now I be going to die soon.

Dey be going make my Mama watch

and my children too.

All of dem will be there 

to learn their law,

because –

you cannot draw some blood on a white man

without them taking all yours.


It don’t count here that he was raping

my wife.


Black, white and every shade

in between

and who decided that 

white was best?

When in fact 

it was often the worst.

Who chose to enslave first

and treat another


losing themselves in evil’s persuasion

that difference is theirs to control

and use to destroy

divine gifts of diversity.


Do we think that God

does not notice or care?

God says clearly,

‘There is no difference

between us then,

now, and always’.

Galatians 3:28, Romans 3:22