Devils and Mary

Hi my name is Mary

They said I had seven devils

I can tell you what those were

There was the devil of oppression,

the demon of sexual abuse,

the demon of stolenĀ children,

the demon of exploitation,

the demon of poverty,

the demon of domestic violence,

and the demon of, ‘Your less than.’

I was less than a man.

I was less than another woman because I complained.

I was less because I was sick.

I was less than because I was childless now.

I was less than a field because it is more fertile than I.

I was less than a donkey because I couldn’t keep up.

I was less than so much.

The burden crushed me.

It tore at my very being.

It screamed in my head you’re less than your less than, you are less than

and you will never be more than that.

I couldn’t sleep.

People said I didn’t make sense when I spoke.

They shunned me.

They left me.


Then came one

who touched my pain and

found my centre and

gave me back control.

treated me with respect,

cared that I felt good,

told me I was valued,

showed me my children,

gave me kindness

and fed me,

saying, ‘You are preciousĀ to me.’

They crucified him for it.

by Hilary Evans