dinner with Jesus

Dinner with Jesus


His cooking pot

there was little water

little barley

and no oil.

Would he make it do

like the bread and fishes for

the thousands?

He rises and picks up the water jar,


over the hill, to the shore.

later returning, brings Peter

with a load of fish

they caught together.

Martha mixes the dough

while he cleans the fish.

I tend the fire

James found the stone

large and flat to stand in flames.

The smell of the crispy skinned fish,

the singed barley cakes

clings in the dark

to our hunger

And later he satisfies

our souls

as we sit and chat with the dying fire

and fireflies sparkling around us,

We asked him for stories of God

and he tells us of pearls and pigs and merchants,

as Yahweh is here, with us


by Hilary Evans