With twisted minds and warped thoughts

the gun warm hand

delivers perverted justice

and innocent deaths,

broken bodies that were

children and mothers


and brothers,

sisters and solitary others

who went out that night.


There was nothing of God

in the corrupt cruelty

God knows nothing of hatred, killing

and violence.

God was with the sudden


holding their hands

tenderly taking

their precious souls

into the safe sanctuary

of love.


Hilary Evans

The Greed of War

The Greed of War.


The thirsty land,

sand stretched miles,

money grubbing tree

roots searching

for precious drops of



Tiny creatures

scuttle across

the shifting dunes

of forgotten dreams


Once it was green,

fertile, juice filled,

quenching, slaking

til abundance

became bound to a few.


Poverty steals the very

sips of sustenance

that are the

building blocks of bodies.

Changes to dustiness

humanity’s dignity.


Gun wielding, drone flying wealth

burn the last hopes of a fleeing people

as bonds are bound by innocent deaths

and the greed of war.




Hilary Evans