The Virus and World Domination

A fiercesome thing is lockdown,

it growls around us like a roaring

wind, that tears the fabric of lives

apart and turns the hope of Spring

into a winter of depression, and a

lesson that sows seeds in a nation

that seeks to avoid exhalation of

drops of a virus; that violently takes

from us our hopes, and fears, and 

numbs the emotions with the tears,

of disempowerment and the lament

will be heard for years when still it

will bite the crust from hard earned 

folks and their childrens’ hands.


Each person of power walked a 

road of holding might, and a fight

to show they meant to stop its

dividing and riding on the backs

of the innocent, who lack the test,

to show it has them in their grip

and will use them to slip through

to kill, to maim and harm as many

as it can, and monster mutations 

ensure that antibodies are over-

come to win world domination. 


But the divisions and revisions;

the deciders allow doubt to slide

in, trying to slow its pace are in

every way arrogant and hesitant

and ignorant of the resistance

that an unseen enemy has been

able to choose in the absence

of the will to close our borders,

as New Zealand has done and

there the virus has no home, a

whisper and it will be shut down

because there they knew their

enemy and faced reality in time,

choosing the common good first.

A childhood lost.

Their little hands reached out and touched the sensitive screen,

no longer ably remembering the last time that they had been

on that squishy sofa. or sat on her knee, all warm and snuggled 

while adults struggled with sleepy eyes, after a hilarious time

running and laughing, hugging, catching until the loud chime

of the clock tells its tale of supper and bubbles in baths, and

eye closing, feeling cosy drifting to cherished dreams in a land

where Grannies and Grandads, cousins and friends are near,

right by them and they reach out small hands and they’re there.


that is far off ,

and away beyond the harsh realities of Covid 

where Grannies and Grandads are no longer strangers that 

exist inside a screen but are real people who laugh and hug,

where there is a warm welcoming home to rush into, arms

held out, long loving cuddles, and snacks, and adventures 

and not the nightmare of isolation from friends, and the loss

of a childhood, where children make chums and champions.